Ratkil Rat Traps – 2 x Large Heavy Duty Rat Traps That Kill Instantly – Reusable Rat, Mouse Rodent solution




2 x Large heavy duty, professional rat traps – The problem with many cheaper, smaller and funky traps is that they are not effective. The rats are able to escape, or the traps are too small or they are not convenient and effective. Our traps solve these problems! How? That’s because our spring mechanisms are the strongest. No matter what the size of your rodent is, Ratkil traps will catch them instantly.
Rat traps that kill instantly – Ratkil snap traps have been designed for those people looking to kill rats and mice instantly. Our rat raps are made from high-quality materials and extremely sensitive and powerful spring mechanisms which guarantee maximum efficiency and results (best designed to kill rats quickly and humanely).
Simple, safe , sanitary – Our traps are made from tough non-absorbent polystyrene that kills rats cleanly without breaking the skin, there’s no blood, mess, or odors. The traps can be reused and can last for many seasons without any maintenance required.
Easy to use and cost efficient – Rat traps are really easy to use. Simply place the bait in the cup, pull back the lever and place the trap carefully along skirtings, or anywhere that you see signs of activity. They can be installed inside the house or outdoors in the garden.
Buy with confidence – Does this come with a money back guarantee? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 30 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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