Soft Comfortable Hooded Neck Travel Pillow U Shape Airplane Neck Support Cushion with Hoodie




SUPER CONTOUR COMFORT – You know what they say: a good day’s work starts with a good night’s sleep! Following the natural contours of your body, this travel pillow gently supports your neck, offering a custom-fit feeling that just can’t be matched.
BLOCK OUT THE WORLD – Too much light, noise or even germs around you? No problem! Just pull down the hoodie of your pillow to block the light and germs around you, then put your headphones on and relax in the sound of your music.
ALWAYS TRAVEL READY- Goes anywhere and is very light and easy to transport. The soft travel pillow is made of cozy fabric material and filled with supporting polystyrene micro beads, which adjusts to your neck, effectively relieving neck / shoulder pain. Practical hooded design addition to the neck pillow covering your head & adding to your outfit.
LIGHT AND PRACTICAL – If you like to travel light without sacrificing your personal comfort, you’ll simply fall in love with our neck pillow. Lightweight, yet incredibly soft and comfortable, our traveling pillow is the ultimate choice of the smart traveler. ASSORTED COLOURS – Red, Grey and Navy – RANDOMLY SENT.
FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE – We know that every person is different, so this pillow is designed with two adjustable drawstrings that can be pulled to create the perfect fit. Great for neck or shoulder pain as it will help position your neck regardless of if you are sleeping or not. DIMENSIONS: Measurements approx. 33 cm/13” wide, 28 cm/11” long (measured from back to front), 11 cm/4.33” high.


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