Splash About Warm in One Baby Wetsuit




√ ORIGINAL WARM IN ONE BABY WETSUIT – The award-winning, fleece-lined Warm In One baby wetsuit is the warmest wetsuit in the Splash About range. Perfect for babies who feel the chill, either in a pool, on the beach, or playing in the paddling pool in the garden. The warm and soft internal fleece keeps them feeling cosy, even in the water. Experts recommend this wetsuit to extend the time babies can stay in the pool.
√ QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE ON COMFORT. The Warm In One is manufactured to be UPF 50+ and ensures the highest protection from the sun. Its full body cover means it also protects from wind chill, when the baby is out of the water. Designed to be comfortable enough to be worn all day and with a fleece liner that holds barrier creams in place, it’s the perfect protection for babies with sensitive skin and/or eczema. Highly durable but super soft, with Velcro fastening at the back for easy changing.
√ GORGEOUS – patterns for all tastes Our Splash About design team create on trend gorgeous designs in beautiful colours and patterns, whatever your taste we have the perfect look for your little boy or girl, with a range of co ordinating swimwear, including specialist Happy Nappies and Happy Nappy costumes. Comfortable, warm and gorgeous.
√ OUR PLANET – it’s up to all of us to change our habits. At Splash About we are determined to save the planet one bottom at a time. The Warm In One is reusable and remarkable. The fantastic Warm In One.


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