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There And Back Again is Eric’s sophomore all-English album that contains new music centered around Eric’s influence growing up as an Asian American in Savannah, GA, and also tapping into his South Korean heritage. For Eric, There And Back Again’s meaning is layered, it reflects his experience of feeling like a foreigner no matter where he is, the highs and lows of relationships and also the physical journey of Nam relocating from Atlanta to Korea for the past 10 years and returning home to become an independent artist. “I think we have these highs and lows, we have these places that we travel to, and at the end of the day that we come back to ourselves, wherever we may be at that moment.” On There and Back Again ? the sleek, disco-pop infused lead single ?I Don’t Know You Anymore? is representative of the emotional exhaustion that causes a relationship to become unsalvageable. “Essentially, the idea is I just want to cancel you from my life.” While ?I Don’t Know You Anymore? is rooted in resignation, the whistle-flanked “Any Other Way” is a wistful love song about the singularity of being in a relationship. “I think depending on the mood you’re in, it can sound really happy, or it can sound really sad.” ?Lost on Me” is a stripped-back, bittersweet breakup song that unearths the realizations that can come after a relationship ends: “The show might be over, but you should know that your love wasn’t lost on me.”

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